Counselor Appreciation Week is this week and we are celebrating our two counselors at Wylie Elementary, Mrs. Kelly Brown and Mrs. Meleaha Glaze.

There is no doubt that every school has a heartbeat. In the case of Wylie Elementary School, we happen to be lucky enough to have two. Mrs. Kelly Brown is well-known to the school and the community. She is a fierce advocate for students and for teachers, and if you are looking for a resource, there is no one better to consult than her. She is tenacious, kind, and thorough; there is no one better to have on your side. Mrs. Meleaha Glaze is new to our campus and is a welcome addition to the school. When there is work to be done, she is willing and ready to roll up her sleeves and confront the task head on. Though new to the counseling profession, she has a real knack for student and teacher needs. Quiet and competent, you always know that she will show up and dive in to whatever is needed on campus. We are blessed at Wylie Elementary to have a talented counseling department. Thanks to both Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Glaze for their hard work and dedication.