AP Week

National Assistant Principals Week is this week, April 4-8, and Wylie Elementary School would like to recognize our two amazing Assistant Principals, Mrs. Jodie Morse and Mrs. Deana Griffith. The role of an Assistant Principal can be a challenging position to hold, and these two ladies handle the job with grace. While spinning multiple plates at once, Mrs. Morse and Mrs. Griffith facilitate situations and challenges for both teachers and students, all the while assisting the principal with campus needs.

Mrs. Morse is quietly efficient, focused, ordered, and extremely responsive. As a 1st year Assistant Principal, she carries the role with grace and leadership that is a wonder to behold.

Mrs. Griffith bring experience to the role, and knowing what she was stepping into makes it even more impressive. She is wise in counsel, and holds a demeanor that is greatly appreciated here at Wylie Elementary.

None of this works without Assistant Principals and we have two of the best with us at Wylie Elementary School. Thank you again for everything you do daily to help our students be successful in their learning.